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A woman packs up her emergency Go Bag, putting supplies like water bottles and first aid kits into her backpack

How to Prepare for a Natural Disaster

Whether it’s a hurricane, wildfire, or tornado affecting your community, it’s important to always be prepared for a natural disaster. These events can be unpredictable and strike fast, leaving you with little time to wrangle up your supplies before heading to safety. Having a natural disaster emergency kit, loaded with food, hygiene, and survival gear, […]

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A rolling handcart with five brown boxes on it sits in the middle of a hallway lined with interior self storage units, each with green doors.

5 Things You Should Always Store in Climate-Controlled Units

Extreme weather conditions don’t have to spell disaster for your items in self-storage. However, if you have items you believe are temperature-sensitive, your best option is to choose a climate-controlled unit. In this article, we explain what climate-controlled storage is, how it works, and provide you with insight as to what kind of items need […]

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A RV drives along the highway surrounded by mountains and trees with changing leaves from green to orange.

How to Prep Your RV for Storage

Warmer months ahead welcome more travel time in your RV with family. After an enjoyable road trip, you want to properly prepare your RV for storage so that it is ready for your next adventure. An RV is a great investment for your family, so it is best to keep it in great shape. Total […]

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Small business owners pack up boxes and handle inventory in their shop

How Self Storage Can Help Your Small Business

Whether you own a brick-and-mortar store or manage an online business out of your own home, room can get tight when you have to handle inventory, supplies, equipment, and more. Self storage allows small business owners to manage inventory, business supplies, and more in a safe, affordable way. Total Storage Solutions provides ample business storage […]

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Rows of wine are kept in storage next to a brick wall

Why Wine Storage is Beneficial

Whether you’re a casual collector or a dedicated oenophile, wine storage can be tricky. Once your collection outgrows your wine fridge, the question of whether to invest in a wine cellar or find another option arises. If you lack the space or resources for a wine cellar in your home, wine storage units can be […]

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Salt Lake city skyline

How to Move to Salt Lake City

A desert city adjacent to snow-capped mountains and home to a famously salty lake, Salt Lake City has no shortage of diverse natural architecture and opportunity for recreational involvement for its residents. For newcomers, Salt Lake City is a vibrant and welcoming city for people of all stripes. No matter your interests, affiliations, or aspirations, […]

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redhead planting flowers

Top 10 Flowers to Plant in the Spring

If you’re anything like us, you spend the winter months counting down the days until springtime comes rolling around again. With the spring months quickly approaching, it’s about time to start thinking about which colorful flowers you want to plant in your garden. Do you want to plant perennial flowers that will bloom again and […]

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Woman working out at home

How to Work(out) from Home 101

Don’t let social distancing and COVID-19 regulations stop you from achieving your 2021 fitness goals. From equipment-free workouts to creating space for an at home gym with self storage, discover how you can make exercising from home fun and easy with home gym ideas and equipment storage from Total Storage Solutions! How to Build a […]

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A person enthusiastically checking their laptop on a cluttered desk in a dressing area.

The 3 Steps to Efficient Business Storage

As a businessperson, maximizing efficiency is part of every workday. Efficient business storage options let you streamline your workspace in a relatively effortless way. From clearing space for more inventory to creating a more attractive work environment, business storage solutions in the form of self storage near you lets you optimize square footage at your […]

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