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Self-Storage vs. Garage: Which is the Better Option for Storing Your Vehicle?

Buying a new car should be exciting and un-stressful. But when it comes time to find a place to park the new ride, things can get complicated. You may have a vehicle that you only wish to use seasonally—such as a convertible or snow-ready vehicle—but may not know where to put it.  You have many […]

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Tips for Saving Money with Self-Storage Units in California

As California’s cost of living continues to rise, it makes sense to be looking anywhere for ways to save money. And while the inflating cost of housing, retail, and office space may require some downsizing in order to keep things within your budget, that doesn’t mean that your quality of living or business operations should […]

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An older woman packing up belongings in her house in cardboard boxes.

Packing Tips for Moving Your Belongings into a Self Storage Facility

Whether you’re making a journey to a new home, conducting renovations on your current household, or are simply trying to give yourself a little more elbow room, you’ve found yourself in need of a storage unit. We’re committed to providing a great experience regardless if you are a storage expert or a first-time renter. Total […]

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A basket of cleaning supplies sits on a wooden bench with the sun shining in the background

Spring Cleaning: Tips and Tricks to Control the Clutter

As the flowers bloom and the air begins to hit that perfect temperature, it’s time to take off the mittens and replace them with rubber gloves for spring cleaning. This seasonal tradition allows you to take advantage of the comfortable weather to clear out the clutter and make your home ready for the year ahead. […]

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A drone overhead shot of a suburban neighborhood

How to Find a Home When Houses Are Hard to Buy

Finding a place to live, especially with the state of the housing market in recent years, can be a difficult and frustrating process. Few homes are coming on the market, and the ones that are are overpriced. Renting comes with its own share of issues, mostly involving finding the right place at a reasonable price. […]

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How to Store Your Seasonal Decorations After the Holidays

That’s a wrap, folks! For better or for worse, the holidays are behind us, and it’s time those seasonal decorations return to your personal storage. We know it’s a bit heartbreaking that the time has already come, but there are bright new horizons ahead. You don’t want to start by trying to preserve the past. […]

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A woman packs up her emergency Go Bag, putting supplies like water bottles and first aid kits into her backpack

How to Prepare for a Natural Disaster

Whether it’s a hurricane, wildfire, or tornado affecting your community, it’s important to always be prepared for a natural disaster. These events can be unpredictable and strike fast, leaving you with little time to wrangle up your supplies before heading to safety. Having a natural disaster emergency kit, loaded with food, hygiene, and survival gear, […]

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A rolling handcart with five brown boxes on it sits in the middle of a hallway lined with interior self storage units, each with green doors.

5 Things You Should Always Store in Climate-Controlled Units

Extreme weather conditions don’t have to spell disaster for your items in self-storage. However, if you have items you believe are temperature-sensitive, your best option is to choose a climate-controlled unit. In this article, we explain what climate-controlled storage is, how it works, and provide you with insight as to what kind of items need […]

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A RV drives along the highway surrounded by mountains and trees with changing leaves from green to orange.

How to Prep Your RV for Storage

Warmer months ahead welcome more travel time in your RV with family. After an enjoyable road trip, you want to properly prepare your RV for storage so that it is ready for your next adventure. An RV is a great investment for your family, so it is best to keep it in great shape. Total […]

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