Storing a Bicycle in Self Storage

Storing a Bicycle in Self Storage

May 10, 2024

Discover expert tips for storing bikes in units. Learn maintenance, cleaning, and security. Access prime cycling spots for scenic rides right from storage.

Many people have always cherished bicycles. They present an excellent opportunity to discover new trails, explore bike paths, and enjoy the beauty of parks while engaging in a healthy workout. However, their sizable build can be a challenge regarding storage, especially in compact spaces.

As kids, we stored our bikes against the side of the house or across the lawn. But now, to keep them in good condition, they should be kept secure and out of the way. In this article, you will find some helpful bike storage tips and information for cyclists.

Bike Cleaning Tips for Cyclists

Regardless of their option, cyclists should clean their bikes before storing them. If you ride through a muddy area or get caught in the rain, wipe your bike down with a soft cloth, soap, and water to keep it clean.

To avoid damaging the bike’s mechanics, use a gentle scrubber instead of a hose to remove grease buildup. Dry off a bike before storing it to prevent buildup or rust formation. When wiping off grease or oil, use a different washcloth or towel to avoid spreading lubricant to other areas of the bike. 

A bicycle leaning against a brick wall beside a wooden stool.

Best Way to Store a Bike

Storing your bikes indoors is the most reliable and secure option for bike storage. Leaving your bikes outside can expose them to weather conditions, such as wind, sun, rain, and snow, damaging different parts of your bike and reducing its longevity.

If you can only store your bikes outdoors, consider purchasing a high-quality bike cover to protect them from the elements. Alternatively, store them in a semi-sheltered area.

Indoor Bike Storage

Indoor storage is ultimately the best option for bikes due to weather and security to ensure they’re not at risk of theft. Bikes are notoriously bulky, but there are a variety of storage solutions to decrease the amount of awkward space they might take up indoors.

Utilizing Bike Racks

A garage is best for keeping a bike since it won’t take up valuable storage or living space. In that room, a bicyclist could opt for a floor stand, similar to what we see at schools, public buildings, and parks. Bikes can stand horizontally and rest their tires between the racks, making it easy to use when putting the bike away and taking it out for a ride. 

Another option is a freestanding rack, which can hold multiple bikes while keeping them off the ground. These racks come in various varieties, so you can choose whether to hang your bike vertically or horizontally. 

Save Space With Hooks and Mounts

If you have a garage, storage space can often be lacking. This can be especially true for cyclists who need to find a way to store their bikes without taking up too much room. Fortunately, they can make the most of their garage’s vertical space by utilizing the space above their heads. Ceiling mounts can be a fantastic way to store bikes, as they keep them out of the way while making them easily accessible. This type of storage is ideal for those with limited floor space or who simply want to keep their bikes organized and out of the way.

For riders who live in apartments or condos and don’t have access to a garage, a few options will still allow you to store your bike inside your home. Single wall mounts can attach directly to the wall, allowing the bike to rest against the wall. There are also tension-mounted fixtures that don’t require any screws or hooks, an excellent option for renters who want to ensure they get their deposit back. 

A bicycle hanging on an apartment wall.

Storage Unit for Bikes

Whether you have garage space or an empty wall in your apartment to house your bike, only some bicyclists want to store these bulky items in their homes. One excellent option is to utilize a storage unit to keep their bike safe from the elements but out of their personal living space. 

Most storage units offer numerous locations around town, so bicyclists can choose a storage facility close to their home or the best bike trails near them to make biking an easy and convenient experience. These storage units come in various sizes, whether you need to secure one bike or five.

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