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Woman working out at home

How to Work(out) from Home 101

Don’t let social distancing and COVID-19 regulations stop you from achieving your 2021 fitness goals. From equipment-free workouts to creating space for an at home gym with self storage, discover how you can make exercising from home fun and easy with home gym ideas and equipment storage from Total Storage Solutions! How to Build a […]

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Illustration of a couple placing a boat into a storage building from a truck trailer.

How to Store Your Boat During the Offseason

Eventually, as temperatures sink and the days get shorter, you’ll have to say goodbye to lake days on your boat for the offseason. Storing your boat, however, isn’t as simple as putting it back on your driveway or in a California self storage facility. In fact, not properly preparing your boat for winter storage could […]

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5 Ways to Create the Perfect Homeschool Classroom

5 Ways to Create the Perfect Homeschool Classroom

School may look a little different this year, but that doesn’t mean your family can’t have a fun, creative classroom setting! Whether your kids have a hybrid school schedule or they’re learning remotely, Total Storage Solutions can help you transform a space in your home into a functioning classroom. Discover how you can get creative […]

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A person servicing the engine of a push lawn mower.

What Should I Do if My Lawn Mower Won’t Start?

It’s almost springtime again, which means it’s time to take your mower out of the shed or self storage and cut your lawn for the first time in La Porte, TX. But what do you do if your lawn mower won’t start? If it happens to you, don’t panic. Spencer Mini Storage suggests you should […]

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A person standing in an open closet space, cluttered with garments on the floor.

When Do I Need Self Storage?

“When do I need self storage? And why would I need self storage?” At Instorage Costa Mesa, we’re not new to these questions. We’ve heard them many times before. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer in Cosa Mesa, CA, or someone who’s running out of closet space, a storage unit is the perfect answer to your […]

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A group leaning over a drafting table cluttered with documents and notes.

Storage for Startups: Supplies You Need to Succeed

With the power of the internet and an internationally connected economy, starting your own small business has never been a more alluring opportunity. The benefits of beginning your own startup are many, and the freedom it offers is unparalleled. Many successful businesses in Murray, UT, and the greater Salt Lake City area began as small […]

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A person placing books into a moving box while someone else brings additional books to them.

How to Pack Items for Storage

If this is your first time renting self storage, you may not have given much thought to how you’ll pack those plastic tubs and moving boxes. The GOT Storage team in Layton, UT, is here to help protect your belongings and create an organized space. Find out how to pack your items for maximum safety […]

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Row of outdoor storage units with large, red doors in a clean area

How to Choose a Storage Unit

Picking a storage unit sounds like a quick, simple, and easy task. While the process of actually getting a storage unit is a breeze, it can be difficult to pick your unit if you’ve never picked one before or if you aren’t sure what you need. But don’t worry: at Total Storage Solutions, our friendly […]

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A family sitting on the tailgate of their SUV with an open trunk amongst moving boxes.

Tips for Preparing for a Winter Move

For most of us, moving in winter sounds like a nightmare scenario. There’s a reason home sales falter during the winter months in colder climates. After all, who wants to trudge through snow, track slush into a new home, or haul boxes in the frigid Salt Lake City, UT, temperatures? Sometimes, though, conditions force us […]

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