What Should I Do if My Lawn Mower Won’t Start?

March 25, 2020 in Texas Self Storage

It’s almost springtime again, which means it’s time to take your mower out of the shed or self storage and cut your lawn for the first time in La Porte, TX. But what do you do if your lawn mower won’t start? If it happens to you, don’t panic. Spencer Mini Storage suggests you should try these tips to see if you can get it working on your own.

Lawn Mower Won’t Start? Try These Tips

Check the gas tank.

We know…it sounds like simple common sense. But you won’t believe how many people keep pulling on the cord or pushing the mower’s start button without first checking the gas tank. Before you do anything, check the gas tank to make sure it’s full and ready to go.

Inspect the spark plugs.

It’s not uncommon for the mower’s spark plugs to become corroded over time. If the plug ends have a corrosive coating, they can’t produce a spark that will ignite the gas and cause the mower to function properly. Use a wrench to loosen the plugs and check them for corrosion. You also might want to replace them altogether if they’re old. Your mower will operate much better if you do.

Replace the fuel filter.

A clogged or old fuel filter is one of the major reasons why your lawn mower might not start this spring. Many people take their mowers to the mechanics only to pay a lot of money for them to replace the filters. If you’re not into DIY repair, taking your mower to the mechanic could be a good idea. Otherwise, check out some free YouTube videos on how to replace the filter and to save some money in the long run.

Spencer Mini Storage for Lawn Care Equipment

Spencer Mini Storage wants to make sure that your lawn mower starts up on the first try. Whether you’re storing your lawn care equipment with us in self storage or at home in the garage, make sure to check the tank, the filters, and the oil right away to ensure the mower starts up after spending months in storage. If you need to store your La Porte, TX, lawn equipment or other items, don’t delay. Reserve a unit today!