Storage Unit Size Guide

Click the sizes below to find a fit for your storage needs.

25 square feet
Ex. 5 x 5

Think of it as a regular closet. In here, you can store about a dozen boxes, perhaps a desk and chair, and a lamp. It's 25 square feet, but the space is worth it.

50 square feet
Ex. 5' x 10'

The size of a regular walk-in closet and 50 square feet, in a unit this size you can fit the contents of a dorm room. Fitting a desk and chair, a dozen or so boxes, and your mattress and box spring is a good bet.

75 square feet
Ex. 7.5' x 10'

The size of large walk in the closet, you can probably fit the contents of a small studio apartment in here. A couch and armchair, bookcase, desk and chair, mattress and box springs, and a dozen or so boxes all make a good fit.

100 square feet
Ex. 10' x 10'

With 100 square feet to work with, you have enough space to store the contents of several rooms. You could fit an entire bedroom set, a couch, a kitchen table and a few dozen boxes.

150 square feet
Ex. 10' x 15'

This size unit offers the ability to store all the contents of a small house or two-bedroom apartment. Two couches, two sets of box springs and mattresses, coffee table, desk with chair, refrigerator along with TV and dresser drawers can fit in here.

200 square feet
Ex. 10' x 20'

Equivalent to the size of a one-car garage, this unit can hold the contents of an apartment home or small town home. Throw in your fridge, washer and dryer, three sets of mattresses and box springs, dining room set, bookcases, couches and armchairs, along with your boxes and you're set.

250 square feet
Ex. 10' x 25'

The size of a one-car garage, just as with the 10x20, but with 5 extra feet! Don't be shy to put all of your belongings from your small town home in this size unit. the 10x25 can fit a couple of couches, an oversized arm chair, dining room set, fridge, washer and dryer, entertainment cabinet, bookcases, dresser drawers, TV, box springs and mattresses, you name it!

300 square feet
Ex. 10' x 30'

What's this? A unit so grand that you can fit the contents of a three to four bedroom house in here? We're talking mattresses, box springs, refrigerator, dining room set, the couch you love to hate, bookcases, boxes upon boxes, and of course side tables, coffee tables, and some lamps. Did we mention this all equates to 300 square feet?

Storage Calculator

We offer a range of sizes for our storage units from very small to very large. If you aren't sure how much you can fit into a space, fill in our handy space calculator to get a better idea.

Still not sure which size is right for you? Contact a member of our staff and we'll be happy to help.

Living & Family Rooms

Area Rug
Chaise Lounge
Coffee Table
End Table
Floor Lamp
Table Lamp


Entertainment Center
Stereo Component
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Dining Room & Kitchen

China Cabinet
Dining Table
Kitchen Table


Single Mattress Set
Single Bed Frame
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Full Bed Frame
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Night Table
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Sporting Goods & Garage

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