Packing Supplies and Moving Materials

Packing Supplies and Moving Materials

A tape roller sits on a cardboard box

At Total Storage Solutions, we’re committed to providing our customers with a hassle-free storage experience. Instead of running all around town trying to find the supplies you need, what if they were all conveniently located in one place? At many storage facilities managed by Total Storage Solutions, you’ll find a full range of packing and moving supplies available for purchase on site in the front office. We’ll walk through all of the supplies we offer and how they can help make the storage process easier.

What Packing Supplies Do You Offer at Total Storage Solutions?

We offer more than just a place to store your belongings at Total Storage Solutions. From boxes of all sizes to locks, tape, and wrappings, we have the tools you need to securely move and store your items.

A few of the supplies we offer include:

  • Moving boxes
  • Furniture covers
  • Packing tape and dispensers
  • Bubble wrap
  • Foam cushion wrap
  • Locks
  • And more!

A Variety of Moving Boxes

Whether you’re planning to store small books or a whole closet worth of clothing, we have a variety of moving boxes available for purchase to accommodate your needs.

  • Small boxes (16x12x12): These boxes are very useful when it comes to moving small, fragile, or heavy items like books, tools, CDs, picture frames, dishes and glasses. You don’t want to pack too many fragile or heavy items in one box as it may cause damage, making small moving boxes the ideal fit for them.
  • Medium boxes (18x18x15): A good option for kitchen items, cookware, and toys that are rather bulky but still on the lighter side.
  • Large boxes (18x18x24): Large moving boxes are the perfect choice for bigger or oddly-shaped items that take up a lot of space but are lightweight, such as food containers, lamp shades, clothing, computer monitors, and more.
  • Wardrobe Boxes: If you have clothing items that can’t be folded up into regular boxes, such as dresses, suits, and other formalwear, a wardrobe box is what you need. These boxes allow you to hang clothes inside of them, giving you a convenient and safe option for transporting your favorite items.

Packing and Storage Supplies

Before placing your items in storage, it’s important to be prepared. Our packing supplies can help keep your belongings in their best condition and avoid potential wear and tear.

  • Mattress covers and foam cushion wrap: Protect your bed and other furniture items from dust, dirt, scratches, and other damages by wrapping them in plastic or foam before placing them into storage.
  • Packing tape and dispensers: Whether you’re sealing a box or ensuring a piece of bubble wrap stays put, tape is essential to the moving process. We sell rolls of tape and dispensers help you keep things secure.
  • Bubble wrap: Crucial for protecting your dishes, glasses, and other fragile items, we have rolls of bubble wrap available in all sizes.
  • Locks: Don’t worry about going out and trying to find the perfect lock for your storage unit — we sell exactly what you need on site!

Prepare Your Belongings for Storage With Total Storage Solutions

Preparing your belongings for storage is easy with Total Storage Solutions. Our wide selection of moving and packing supplies are designed to make the storage process a breeze, giving you all the pieces you need for a successful move in one place.

Interested in getting your own storage unit? We can help you get started! Learn more about our storage features and free moving truck rentals, and peruse our frequently asked questions for more information before finding a storage facility managed by Self Storage Solutions near you.