Tips for Preparing for a Winter Move

January 17, 2020 in Blog

For most of us, moving in winter sounds like a nightmare scenario. There’s a reason home sales falter during the winter months in colder climates. After all, who wants to trudge through snow, track slush into a new home, or haul boxes in the frigid Salt Lake City, UT, temperatures? Sometimes, though, conditions force us into winter moves. Make the task easier with these tips from Security Pro Storage.

Arranging Your Winter Move

If you’re hiring professional movers, see if you can reschedule in case of winter storms. Check with your realtor, too. It’s possible that the new owners must move into your old home immediately. If you’re unable to reschedule your move, check on the availability of local storage units as a home for your belongings until you’re able to move them. If you can’t find movers or want to save money by doing it yourself, take advantage of our truck rental when you rent a unit. We even offer optional packing supplies and moving carts at some facilities to help make moving easier.

Cold Weather Prep

Get your car winter-ready, especially if your trip will be a long one in the Salt Lake City metro. Bring extra gloves, hats and layers of clothing as back-ups for temperature fluctuations and the inevitable lost mitten. A thermos or two of hot beverages—coffee for adults and hot chocolate for kids—will help keep everyone warm and energized. Share your route with other drivers and someone not involved in the move to ensure that everyone arrives safely and at the right location. Make sure all drivers have each other’s contact info in case you’re separated by traffic, lights, or road conditions.

At Your New Home

Protect carpets with large pieces of cardboard tacked into their edges. Sheets of plastic are ideal for wood floors. Arrange to have the driveway and sidewalks shoveled before you arrive or tackle this task yourself. Contact your utility company to have your power turned on before your arrival. If possible, turn on the heat beforehand to ensure that your new house is cozy and welcoming.

Storage for All Seasons

Moving in winter makes an already difficult chore even more challenging. But with the right precautions, your move will go as smoothly as possible. Make relocating less of a hassle by securing self storage beforehand. And storage units aren’t just ideal for moving; they also help keep your new home clutter-free afterward. Contact Security Pro Storage today to make transitioning to your new home as pleasant as possible.