How to Pack Items for Storage

February 13, 2020 in News

If this is your first time renting self storage, you may not have given much thought to how you’ll pack those plastic tubs and moving boxes. The GOT Storage team in Layton, UT, is here to help protect your belongings and create an organized space. Find out how to pack your items for maximum safety and efficiency.

Plan for Proper Storage

Begin with a strategy. Taking inventory is a good idea for both insurance and organizational purposes. Once you know exactly which items will be stored, develop a layout for your storage unit. Plan to place frequently used items at the front of the unit and be sure to create aisles for easy access to all your belongings. Find what you need at a glance by grouping similar items. Of course, clear labeling is a must.

Keep it Clean, Dry, and Safe

Clean your items before placing them in storage. Drain appliances of coolants and other fluids, and tape cords and extra parts to their owners. Pallets keep boxes, furnishings, and appliances in tip-top shape by keeping them away from potential moisture.

For safety and easier moving, disassemble heavy, large, or weak furniture where possible. Protect artwork and mirrors with padded bags or cloth coverings. Plastic traps moisture, so skip the bubble wrap if you’re dealing with delicate materials or valuable items.

How to Pack Your Items

Store pictures and mattresses upright to save space. If you must place a mattress in a flat position, avoid putting anything on top of it. Whether or not you place shelves in your self storage unit, put heavy boxes on the bottom. No one wants to open the door to an avalanche of toppled moving boxes with their contents scattered around the floor!

You’ll also want to avoid filling your storage space with assorted odors, so keep refrigerator or wine cooler doors slightly open for proper air circulation.

Pack Your Items Properly with Total Storage Solutions

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned self storage user, knowing how to pack your items can help you retain their value, usefulness, and beauty. And if you’re in Layton, UT, and need
self storage, GOT Storage is here to help. At our Layton facility, moving boxes and tape are available for purchase, and you can utilize a free moving truck with the rental of a unit. Reserve online today or contact our friendly staff for answers to your storage questions.