Streamlining Your Spring Home Renovation With the Help of Self Storage

Streamlining Your Spring Home Renovation With the Help of Self Storage

March 27, 2024

Discover how self storage simplifies spring home renovations. Learn to declutter and organize for a stress-free project. Find the ideal unit with our tips!

Streamlining Your Spring Home Renovation With the Help of Self Storage

Purging and donating unused items in springtime is beneficial for homeowners to declutter their homes and make more space. Spring is also a fantastic time to complete a home renovation before summer break starts and the calendar fills up with camping trips, backyard barbecues, and kids being home during the day.

Despite the excitement of construction projects, spring home renovations complicate living situations. Homeowners often can’t access parts of their homes for an extended period. Thus, a home’s square footage shrinks, making usable rooms crowded while the projects are underway. To avoid frustration, learn how to maximize your space by using a self storage unit. Storage units can help streamline your spring renovation experience.

What Is a Self Storage Unit?

Storage units are off-site locations for storing your belongings temporarily, especially during moves, storing seasonal items, and during home renovations. Storage units come in a range of sizes to accommodate your individual needs. Smaller 5×5 units can accommodate several boxes and storage containers. In comparison, larger units, which are similar to a two-car garage, are a great option for storing furniture and other bulky items.

Storage units can also be temperature-controlled, meaning their temperatures remain within a consistent range. It’s advisable to store electronic equipment, photo albums, furniture, documents, glassware, and other items susceptible to warping in a temperature-controlled unit.

Woman prepping items for a storage unit.

Why Is a Storage Unit Helpful During Home Renovation?

When homes are being worked on, a family can’t access the renovated room. Additionally, the project area needs to be completely emptied. Homeowners must find a new home for items from that room for a few weeks or months as they lose access to the space. Most people don’t have much space for storage in their homes, so moving belongings out of a room can be a challenge.

Extra items stacked around the house can create problematic hazards for kids and adults and an overly cluttered space, making it hard to relax when hanging out at home. Self storage units are a fantastic option for solving home improvement storage issues. You can keep the belongings you need once the renovation is complete, but they won’t add clutter to your living spaces.

Unsure about what size unit you need? Check out our size guide to help you determine the perfect unit to safely store your items during renovations and beyond, ensuring a seamless, clutter-free home improvement experience.

How To Store Items in Your Unit

Determine which items you’ll need to have easily accessible and find places for them around your home, stored neatly out of the way. Make sure to clean the items you want to hang on to but won’t need for a few weeks or months, and then pack them away. You can pack items in anything from cardboard boxes to airtight containers. No matter your choice, you should label each box clearly so they’re easy to unpack when you return.

When renovating a home and living in a smaller space, dining room tables, beds, and sofas can take up a lot of room. If you have furniture that needs a temporary home, a storage unit can be a fabulous option. You can secure the furniture in plastic or cloth wraps to protect it from any dirt or debris it may collect when moved into the storage unit.

A storage unit facility secured with full perimeter fencing.

Are Storage Units Secure?

Yes, storage units offer quite a few security measures. Total Storage Solutions has an on-site manager who monitors the storage facility after hours. Additionally, customers can lock up their units to ensure their doors are secure. The sites are often fully fenced and well lit, with electronic gated access points that require a unique PIN to enter the facility.

Self Storage Unit Options Through Total Storage Solutions

Home renovations can be hectic, so let Total Storage Solutions help you manage the chaos during your project. We have numerous storage unit properties throughout Arizona, California, Texas, and Utah, making it convenient for customers to secure a storage unit close to their homes. Self storage is a cost-effective, secure solution for maximizing space and minimizing stress during home improvement projects.
Moving items in any situation can be challenging, so we offer new customers a free truck rental. Please contact Total Storage Solutions today to learn how to take advantage of this perk. We’ll also help you find the ideal storage unit for your belongings! Dive into our blog for  more organization tips, and creative storage solutions to enhance your renovation projects, providing inspiration and practical advice for a smooth and efficient home improvement journey.