Declutter Your Home with the Help of Self Storage

December 1, 2017 in Blog

It’s not always what’s on the outside that makes a home beautiful; it’s what’s on the inside that counts. A home’s appearance is very dependent on what’s in it, and clutter can easily turn an interior into an utter mess. If your goal is to match your home’s beauty with the surrounding landscape of Kona, HI, self storage can help you maintain a warm and welcoming aesthetic.

4 Ways to Use Self Storage for a Clutter-Free Home


1. Store away decor that’s no longer appealing.

You can change the furniture around and redesign the interior all you want, but if the decor doesn’t match the style, your home will never look good in your eyes. If you like the decor but can’t use it right now, place it in storage to get it out of the way.

2. Open up the living space by storing clunky furniture.

It’s hard to create a clean, modern space with large, clunky furniture at every turn. However, you might see value in the furniture or want to use it later. Placing it in storage will give you a way to hold onto it without it taking up space at home.

3. Spend less time cleaning with fewer things in the way.

The more you have in your home, the more cleaning you’ll have to do. The decor, the furniture, and all of the miscellaneous items need dusting, polishing, and regular cleaning to keep up appearances. If you store away those excess items, you won’t have to spend so much time cleaning during the week.

4. Clear out the drawers and the storage room.

People often collect so much stuff that they start packing things away in drawers and spare rooms. These spare rooms become storage closets when they could be used for something more productive. Clean out the drawers and the spare rooms, and throw out what you don’t really need. You can always use a storage unit for the rest.


Storage Units Keep Your Home Clean and Beautiful

Create a spacious and inviting home to match the beauty of Kona, HI with storage units from Total Storage Solutions. It’s easy to let the clutter get out of hand and take over your closets, spare bedrooms, garages, and living areas. Taking time to declutter and place those excess items in self storage will help you to maintain your dream home for the future.