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Large or Small, Every Business Needs Storage

Brea, CA has long been a commercial hub. Once known for its oil and citrus production, the city now stands as a major Orange County retail center. Whether you’re a small “mom and pop” operation or a larger company, you may find a need for extra storage beyond the extents of the Brea Mall or […]

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child holding basket full of colorful eggs

Riverside’s Eggstravagant Spring Event

You don’t have to wait until Easter to hunt for eggs in Riverside, CA. With the Spring Eggstravaganza on April 8, your kids can have the time of their lives searching for eggs, playing games and more at Ryan Bonaminio Park. This annual event is open to families in Riverside and the surrounding areas and […]

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color map of arizona, zoomed in on Peoria city

Peoria, AZ: A Historic Gem Among A Modern Metroplex

Phoenix crosses the mind of anyone who thinks of Arizona. However, within this sprawling metroplex lies a number of cities, each one with its own charm and history. One of these cities is Peoria, AZ, a historic place with farming roots, friendly neighborhoods, and top-notch self storage. In fact, Money magazine named Peoria one of […]

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Unique Water Sports

Explore Unique Water Sports in Huntington Beach

Folks here in Surf City are ready to take the plunge and dive into summer fun. They’re pulling surfboards, jet skis, and spinners out of self storage units all across Huntington Beach, CA, but those traditional water toys are facing serious competition. Here are five uniquely wet and wild sports that really deserve exploring this […]

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13 Ways to Celebrate Spookiest Day

13 Ways to Celebrate the Spookiest Day of the Year

13 Ways to Celebrate the Spookiest Day of the Year Move over, Halloween, and make way for a really scary day! Friday the 13th is creeping up on calendars, and it only happens once this year. May is the month, so get ready to toss superstitions out the window. Be brave, walk under that ladder […]

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Camarillo California

City Spotlight: Camarillo, CA

Camarillo, CA is a beautiful, mid-sized city that lies between Ventura and Malibu. It boasts a mild climate, stunning ocean beaches and access to the Santa Monica Mountains. Named after Adolfo and Juan Camarillo, the city is rich with history and culture that runs deep. As your premier provider of quality self storage units in […]

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Art Storage

Start Your Own Art Workshop

DeSoto, TX is a loyal friend to the arts community. It’s well-known for its grant funding, which provides non-profit organizations great opportunities to hold concerts, art exhibits, and workshops throughout the city. If you’re a budding artist and want to get the recognition you deserve, this city is the perfect place to open your own […]

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How to Pack the Moving Truck

Spring ushers in more than warmer temperatures and colorful blooms; it also ramps up the home buying season in Palm Desert, CA. During this time of year, employees relocate to new cities, and young couples purchase their first homes. Before you start throwing things in the moving truck, you should learn the importance of packing […]

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Host a Blood Drive

How to Host a Blood Drive

  It’s Red Cross Month again, making it the perfect time to coordinate and host a blood drive at work or school. Hosting a blood drive provides many benefits, including maintaining the blood levels at the Red Cross and building morale as everyone works together. Today, we’re sharing tips for hosting your blood drive in […]

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