The 3 Steps to Efficient Business Storage

February 25, 2021 in Blog

As a businessperson, maximizing efficiency is part of every workday. Efficient business storage options let you streamline your workspace in a relatively effortless way. From clearing space for more inventory to creating a more attractive work environment, business storage solutions in the form of self storage near you lets you optimize square footage at your office, warehouse or storefront.

1. Declutter

Whether you decide to finally toss those printer labels that won’t stick to paper or get rid of the obsolete equipment clogging your storage room, decluttering makes it easier to decide which items should go into your new unit. Resist the urge to buy storage containers before completing your purging project, because if you happen to buy the wrong containers for the job, you’ll simply add to the clutter.

2. Create a Plan

Just as your business plan helped you build your company, developing a strategy is a must for efficient business storage. Take these steps before renting self storage for businesses:

  • Create an inventory list
  • Decide which items require fast access
  • Configure an outline or map

Knowing what needs to be stored and where it will go may take a little time. But the precious minutes — or hours — it saves when you need to locate something right away makes planning well worth the effort. Consider laminating your storage “map” and posting it inside the unit in case an employee needs to locate an item quickly.

3. Pack Properly

Using self storage for businesses can help you stay organized, but thoughtful organization is essential. Be sure to place the most frequently used items in the front for easy access. Archived documents and other seldom-used items can be placed in the back, but allow space to create aisles so you can get to everything you need when you need it. Keep these additional tips in mind:

  • Use clear containers for visibility’s sake
  • Label cardboard boxes on the side
  • Place heavy boxes on the bottom

Once you have a system in place, designate a spot on the map for each new item you put in your unit. This step helps keep efficient business storage practices in place.

Expand Your Business With Expandable Storage Solutions

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