Preserving Old Photographs and Other Treasured Memories

October 15, 2020 in Blog

Old photographs, videos, and heirlooms are sentimental and unique. Don’t make the mistake of storing them in a place where they can be damaged or destroyed. Having the right storage spot is important for preserving photographs and storing keepsakes, such as a climate controlled storage unit with Total Storage Solutions. If you want to know how to protect old photos and other treasured memories, it pays to keep these few tips in mind.

Preserving Photographs the Right Way

Make copies if you can.

Making copies of your important documents is great for safekeeping. You should do the same for your photos, videos, and other keepsakes. If you have physical photographs, make digital copies. You can store them on a thumb drive or in the cloud. You can also make physical copies using a copier either at home or at a retail shop. Of course, the original photo is irreplaceable, but old photos are fragile and preserving memories deserves a multi-pronged approach.

Store them in the proper materials.

Old photos should be stored in the proper photo albums between plastic storage pages. You should never stack individual photos or dump them all in a cardboard box. The chemicals in the photographs will cause them to stick together or to decay over time. Storing them between plastic storage pages will prevent long-term damage. When storing the albums in a box, stack them on top of each other, or align them vertically to make best use of the available space.

Consider a climate controlled environment.

Photographs and vintage videotapes are prone to heat and humidity damage. When storing these items, it’s best to keep them in a space that never exceeds 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Lower temperatures will prevent them from melting, bending and warping. You should also store them in an area with low humidity, at least below 65 percent. If you store them in the attic or a basement, chances are they’ll degrade from the heat and humidity or get destroyed by pests. A climate-controlled unit will keep your items at a consistent temperature and humidity and protect them no matter how long they’re in storage.

We Make Storing Keepsakes Easy

Knowing how to protect old photos will keep them with you for a long time. Making backup copies, packing the photos correctly and putting them in a climate-controlled storage unit are some of the best ways to prevent unnecessary damage. Don’t pack them away in a cramped closet, a hot attic, or a damp basement—use self storage to help. With facilities across Arizona, Texas, California, and Utah, Total Storage Solutions has the solution you need. Rent a unit today!