How to Handle Inventory During a Strong Sales Period

September 4, 2020 in California Self Storage

Strong sales can present a problem for inventory. Use self storage to help.

Every business with inventory goes through hot and cold sales periods. The key is to have everything stocked and ready to go during the busy season while also keeping in mind those future lulls. If you’re dealing with ways to keep inventory in stock, our experts at Arrowhead Self Storage have a few ideas to help you manage everything more efficiently.

3 Inventory Storage Tips to Manage Your Business

Stock for seasonal demand.

The holidays are the busiest times of year for most businesses. You should capitalize on these moments by having enough inventory on hand to satisfy the needs of your customers— that means stocking ahead of time even if you don’t have the inventory space in your stockroom. Having an off-site storage space can help you keep your stockroom manageable during the slow season while ensuring that you have enough inventory for those future sales events.

Use inventory management software.

Inventory management software is your best friend when needing to track inventory levels for your business. It will help you control everything from creating work orders to tracking sales. You’ll be able to see how many products that you move during certain times of the year while making the necessary adjustments to improve your inventory flow for the future.

Monitor everything all the time.

Handling your inventory really comes down to monitoring every little thing all year long. Which months produce the most sales? How much inventory was left after last month’s sales event? Did you move enough product to warrant ordering more inventory? You’ll want to monitor your inventory using everything at your disposal, from software to current and future sales figures.

Arrowhead Self Storage for Your Business Inventory

Busy sales periods are exactly what every business wants, but it’s not always easy to keep inventory in stock. Maybe you don’t have the space for extra inventory. If that’s the case, Arrowhead Self Storage can help. We have storage units available that could expand your inventory storage space. You can keep your storage unit stocked for the busy times of year without the need to clutter your stockroom during those colder sales periods.