Why Wine Storage is Beneficial

February 25, 2022 in California Self Storage

Whether you’re a casual collector or a dedicated oenophile, wine storage can be tricky. Once your collection outgrows your wine fridge, the question of whether to invest in a wine cellar or find another option arises. If you lack the space or resources for a wine cellar in your home, wine storage units can be a great alternative.

Cool It

Wine should be kept cool but not too cold. While some cite 55 degrees Fahrenheit as the perfect temperature, you can go a little warmer without damaging your investment. But store it in too cold of an environment, and you risk freezing your wine to the point that the corks pop out. That’s what makes putting wine in storage facilities an excellent option. Climate-controlled units prevent your collection from overheating or getting too cold while keeping humidity at a steady level.

Several glass bottles of wine lay on a shelf inside of a climate controlled refrigerator

Avoid Dryness

While excessive humidity won’t do your collection any favors, overly dry conditions might be even worse. Too little moisture could cause corks to begin drying out. Dry corks play a part in degrading the quality of your carefully chosen wines. Of course, bottles with screw-cap lids are less vulnerable to temperature damage, but they most likely make up a smaller portion of your collection than traditional corked bottles. The way you store your wine bottles can provide additional protection from dried-out corks.

Avoid the Light

Light is the enemy of wine, causing its tannins to oxidize and affect its flavor. Placing your wine in storage units ensures that your collection will stay out of harm’s way. Even the labels on your bottles will be better off in wine storage units, as fluorescent lighting, in particular, can fade them; incandescent bulbs contribute to fading to a lesser degree. If possible, swap out bright lights for soft incandescent lighting. While your wine is already exposed to significantly less light in wine storage facilities, softer lighting minimizes even further the risk of damage when you head into your unit to grab a bottle or admire your collection.

Keep Bad Vibes at Bay

Your stereo makes life better, but listening to your favorite tunes can put your vino at risk. Vibration can stimulate chemical reactions that can affect the quality of your wines. While listening to music won’t spell disaster for your collection, the combination of today’s impressive TV speakers, your stereo and other vibrations like those from nearby trains and airplanes flying overhead can degrade quality slightly over time. Keeping wine at storage facilities reduces the odds of these cumulative effects damaging your cherished wines.

More Wine Storage Basics

Placing your wine in a storage unit safeguards it against sunlight, heat and dryness. However, taking a few extra steps reduces vulnerability to other hazards. When placing your prized bottles in wine storage, take these steps for maximum protection:

  • Store bottles on their sides
  • Place in containers or drawers
  • Opt for a climate-controlled unit
  • Wrap each bottle for safe transport to the storage facility

Between planes, cars and other byproducts of life in modern times, the occasional vibration is unavoidable in almost any setting. Place wine racks or wine storage containers on rubber mats to absorb shock from random vibrations and lessen the impact on your collection.

Several dark bottles of wine lay on their side in a wooden rack in storage

How to Place Your Wine in Storage Units

Wine is usually stored in racks so that bottles stay on their sides. Wine rack storage helps prevent corks from drying out and degrading the quality of the wine. This method is quite convenient, but you don’t have to place all your bottles in racks to preserve their contents. In fact, using storage bins with lids for wine storage offers an additional layer of protection from light and other external factors. You can even store your bottles inside furniture in your unit; dresser or china cabinet drawers keep your collection safe while taking up minimal space.

Other Reasons to Use Wine Storage Facilities

Your wine collection is your pride and joy. Wine storage units help keep your cherished bottles in top condition by guarding them from the sun, heat and other environmental hazards. And if you have little ones — or big pets — in the house, wine storage facilities are the perfect place for protecting your prized potables from tiny hands and huge paws alike.

Total Storage offers conveniently located wine storage facilities in the Southwest. Whether you live in Texas, Utah, Arizona or California, we offer wine storage units near you. From keeping your collection safe from dryness, excessive humidity, heat and cold temperatures to safeguarding it against household rough-housing and vibrations from electronics, tucking your wine away in a storage unit offers the protection it deserves. Reserve wine storage online today, or contact our friendly staff for help choosing the right unit for your needs. Don’t forget to check for specials!