How to Move to Salt Lake City

June 17, 2021 in Blog

Salt Lake city skyline

A desert city adjacent to snow-capped mountains and home to a famously salty lake, Salt Lake City has no shortage of diverse natural architecture and opportunity for recreational involvement for its residents. For newcomers, Salt Lake City is a vibrant and welcoming city for people of all stripes. No matter your interests, affiliations, or aspirations, there exists a community here that you can call home.

Here’s a brief primer about moving to Salt Lake City and, if needed, the types of Salt Lake City storage units available to facilitate a safe and easy moving process.

Moving to Salt Lake City

First and foremost, Salt Lake City is not a small place. Though not a modern metropolis in scale or stature, it does feel the effects of its size in minor ways, both in the good and the bad. With so many people, it’s easy to find a diverse range of people and communities, each with their own beliefs and priorities, but you can also run into some difficult traffic during your commutes. Fortunately, the grid design of the streets makes navigation simple and intuitive to balance out the traffic concerns.

If you like to recreationally engage with nature, you’ll never be too far from the calmness of the lake, the delicate powder snow of the nearby mountains, or one of many hiking trails that weave around the city. Alternatively, you can indulge in the superb nightlife and breweries if you’re more interested in some vibrant after dark socialization.

Salt Lake City Suburbs

If you have your heart set on the suburban landscapes of Salt Lake City, you aren’t starved for options. Regardless of your priorities when choosing a new home—income restrictions, crime rate, average commute times, etc.—there’s a suburb that fits what you need.

Layton and Murray are two of the city’s most popular suburbs, each offering plenty of housing options to prospective buyers. With immaculate mountain and valley views, many Salt Lake City suburbs are picturesque with thriving social communities.

Of course, there are many other areas as well, and anyone moving to the Salt Lake City suburbs owes it to themselves to do their own research. For a precise and thorough selection process, Zillow is a good resource for viewing what is on the market in your suburb of choice.

Salt Lake City Storage Units

When moving to a new place in a new city, it’s important to have enough storage. And here in Salt Lake City, you’ll find plenty of affordable and clean storage units. Well-lit, fully fenced-in, and under constant surveillance, if you hope to move to Salt Lake City and need storage, our range of storage options were built with ensuring no harm to your belongings. Moving is stressful enough without the concern for where to keep your things while you settle into a new urban home.

Rent one of our available storage units in the Salt Lake City area today!