Tired of Turkey? Try These Alternative Thanksgiving Meals On the Grill

November 26, 2019 in California Self Storage

Tired of gobbling up the same old bird every November in Fallbrook, CA? Dust off your grill, try some holiday-themed recipes, and watch this year’s Thanksgiving meal go from nice but predictable to unexpectedly festive. The Citrus Plaza Self Storage team hopes you enjoy our ideas for delighting your family and guests with exciting new dishes for the grill.

Entrees to Grill for Thanksgiving

Drag your outdoor oven out of grill storage, and get ready for an exciting twist on your Thanksgiving meal. Seafood makes a great alternative to traditional turkey. Keep it casual with fish tacos or offer grilled oysters and butter sauce. Or surprise them with steak, a hearty choice that will please almost everyone’s palate. Grilled lamb shoulder is an elegant option, especially with a sweet wine glaze. And if you just can’t bear to leave traditional turkey out of the equation, try grilling it instead. Grilled turkey is delicious, and it frees up oven space for side dishes and those amazing desserts.

Grilled Holiday Side Dishes

Meat and fish aren’t the only foods that can benefit from being grilled. Free up even more oven space by cooking your side dishes outdoors. Squash halves stuffed with bacon and pecans and drizzled with maple syrup will thrill almost any skeptic. Sweet potatoes are a quintessential fall side dish and adapt well to the grill. Go sweet with a drizzling of honey or savory with rosemary or scallions. Or grill potatoes, sweet potatoes, and squash together for a fall-vegetable feast.

You can even take your dessert-prep outdoors by grilling pears and other fruits stuffed with brown sugar, cinnamon, butter, and nuts. The caramelized fruits will have their mouths watering before this dessert hits the table. And, like the humble turkey, pumpkin pie can be prepared on the grill instead of in the oven.

Prepping for Grill Storage

When you’re finished with your grill, be sure to prepare it for storage. Prevent pests and bacteria from gathering by giving it a good cleaning with a grill brush and/or putty knife. Get all food remnants out and be sure to clean the ash catcher or drip pan. Remove any grease to prevent mold, bugs, and rodents. Store the propane tank separately when placing your cooker in your garage or storage unit.

Don’t Let Clutter Get in the Way of Grilling

Whether you’re a grilling pro or newbie, transform your Thanksgiving meal with help from your grill. Afterwards, store it the right way at home or in your storage unit. Citrus Plaza Self Storage offers safe, conveniently located grill storage and storage for all your other needs in Fallbrook, CA. Give us a call or reserve a unit online today!