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Book storage

Book Storage: Creating Your Personal Library

Book lovers around the country rejoice on August 9 – National Book Lovers Day! While book lovers practice their hobby all year long, this day reminds them to kick back with their favorite text and settle in for a relaxing day of reading. If you’ve dreamed of creating your own personal library, but haven’t had […]

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cluttered room

How to Fill Your Home with Life – Not Things

Over the years, it’s easy to build a collection of barely-used belongings. Items get thrown into boxes, packed into closets, or tossed into household storage without another look. Even the usual decluttering can result in simply transferring the clutter elsewhere in the home, such as your basement or garage. Use these self storage tips from […]

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Planning the Ultimate RV Adventure

As temperatures climb in Avondale, Arizona and summer energy courses throughout the state, many residents start dreaming of hitting the open road for a little adventure. Get your RV out of self storage in Avondale, Arizona and follow these steps to get started on the ultimate journey. Step 1: Removing Your RV from Storage The […]

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woman holding vase

4 Signs You May Have Hit the Jackpot with Your Antique

Hit reality television shows have brought storage auction entertainment to peoples living rooms around the world, displaying how turning mere minutes of storage unit viewing can become profit. On Storage Wars, professional buyers are allowed to view the contents from the door for only 5 minutes, and make a purchase decision based on what they […]

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padlock on wooden backdrop

Choosing a Secure Lock for Your Storage Unit

If you’re renting a storage unit to keep your belongings safe, it’s important to choose a durable, secure lock that can stand up to the craftiest thieves. While facility managers address self storage security with video monitoring, pass code entry systems and other measures, dishonest trespassers could still try to gain access. Here are a […]

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writing on chalkboard

Total Storage Solution’s Guide to Self Storage Protection

June 28 is Insurance/Protection Awareness Day, and it’s the perfect day to remind yourself that things can and do go wrong. Protection policies serve as a backup plan that keeps you safe from massive losses in the event of an accident or disaster. You need protection for many types of personal belongings, and items in […]

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decorative storage boxes on wall shelf

Space-Saving Tips for Small Apartment Living

Finding places to store your belongings isn’t always easy, especially when you live in a small apartment. You may find that you have more stuff than your square footage will allow. If you’re forced to downsize while enjoying the big city lifestyle, you’ll need to decide what you can’t live without and what can be […]

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winter clothes storage

Seasonal Clothing Storage: How to Store Your Winter Clothes

The weather is getting warmer, and that means it’s time to trade your sweaters and jackets for sleeveless shirts and sundresses. If you have limited clothing storage space or a huge wardrobe, you may struggle to find places to store your winter clothing. Removing some of the clutter from your closet can help. Sun’s Out, […]

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Couple is standing in front of an empty storage unit deciding how to organize it

Organize Your Self Storage Unit!

When you commit to renting a self storage unit, there is more to packing it than just loading up your stuff and throwing it in. Using the storage space effectively is key to making sure you get the most out of your investment. Follow these packing and organization tips when moving your belongings to a […]

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