Great Places to Hide Christmas Gifts Around the House

December 4, 2019 in Blog

Opening presents on Christmas morning is one of the most memorable times of the year in Whittier, CA. Not only is it a great time for kids but also for adults. Don’t let snoopers and peekers ruin the surprise on Christmas Day. At Best RV & Self Storage, we know a thing or two about putting things in storage. These five places will keep your gifts hidden from your kids and other snooping family members.

5 Surprising Places to Hide Your Christmas Gifts

Hide them in the laundry hamper.

This is the perfect place to hide gifts from your kids. After all, who ever heard of a kid who likes to do the laundry? Get a separate laundry bin and fill it with clean clothes. Tuck the gifts at the bottom to keep them hidden until it’s time to put them under the tree.

Tuck them away in a trash can.

We don’t want you to put your gifts in a real trash can. Buy a new, clean trash can, and fill it with empty jugs, papers, and other “clean” trash. Put your gifts in the mix to keep them hidden from snoopers.

Borrow a neighbor’s closet.

If you can’t find a good hiding spot in your own home, nothing beats taking your gifts to a friend’s house. Your kids and loved ones can’t find the gifts if they’re at someone else’s house. Unless your neighbor spills the beans, your kids will never be the wiser.

Nestle them in the crawlspace.

A scary crawlspace will deter any kid from snooping. Place your gifts in a large bag and put it in the crawlspace. Make sure to cover it with blankets just in case your children get up the nerve to look inside.

Put them in a storage unit for the month.

A storage unit, especially a smaller one with climate control, is the ideal solution for Christmas decoration storage and hiding your gifts. Your presents will stay protected under lock and key for the month. You can access them anytime and keep them hidden away from home.

Let Us Handle Your Christmas Decoration Storage

You can’t go wrong with hiding your Christmas gifts in any of these hiding spots. If you really want to reduce the risk of your kids and family members finding their gifts, Best RV & Self Storage in Whittier, CA, can help. We have a storage unit in the perfect size to keep and protect your gifts until you’re ready to place them under the tree this Christmas.