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Rows of wine are kept in storage next to a brick wall

Why Wine Storage is Beneficial

Whether you’re a casual collector or a dedicated oenophile, wine storage can be tricky. Once your collection outgrows your wine fridge, the question of whether to invest in a wine cellar or find another option arises. If you lack the space or resources for a wine cellar in your home, wine storage units can be […]

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A first-person view of a child's perspective, holding and looking at a black-and-white photo album.

Preserving Old Photographs and Other Treasured Memories

Old photographs, videos, and heirlooms are sentimental and unique. Don’t make the mistake of storing them in a place where they can be damaged or destroyed. Having the right storage spot is important for preserving photographs and storing keepsakes, such as a climate controlled storage unit with Total Storage Solutions. If you want to know […]

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A person cling-wrapping a wrapped piece of furniture while moving items from a home.

5 Things That Should Always be Stored in Climate-Controlled Units

Plenty of sunny days and mild winters make Peoria, AZ a pleasant place to live. But heat and other weather conditions can be hard on certain types of items, even if they’re stored indoors. While standard self storage is fine for many household goods, climate control protects fragile and valuable items. No matter where you […]

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Drawing of a sun and a thermometer to indicate hot temperature

When to Use Climate-Controlled Storage

People take certain factors into consideration when looking for a storage unit. How large of a unit do I need? Does the storage unit have drive-up access? What kind of security does the storage facility have in place? While these are important considerations, another factor can mean the difference between your items staying in pristine […]

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