What to Know Before Camping at a National Park

September 13, 2019 in California Self Storage


If you’re looking for an affordable way to enjoy the great outdoors, camping at a national park could be the perfect choice. Many parks accommodate campers at designated grounds. More adventurous types can go the no-frills, wild route on amenity-free yet legal land. These tips from Total Storage Solutions, a leading self storage provider in the Southwest, will help you choose the right option for your next adventure.

Choosing a Park

The time of year makes a big difference when it comes to choosing a site. While weather is the biggest determining factor, popular local activities also make a difference. Most U.S. park sites offer facilities for campers, but these are usually in high demand during busy seasons. They are often more expensive than camp sites at state parks and may be available on a first-come, first-served basis. Visit the park’s website to see what amenities are offered and whether reservations are allowed.

Indulge Your Wild Side

If you’re up for roughing it—and we do mean roughing it—dispersed camping is an excellent choice. Seasoned campers will enjoy the spontaneity, privacy, and autonomy of this type of outdoor experience. In this scenario, no reservations are needed, but you’ll need plenty of provisions.

With no designated campsite available, you must rely on your wits—and lots of supplies—for a successful trip. National forests and Bureau of Land Management sites offer plenty of opportunities for “wild” campers, but check with the appropriate agency before you visit.

Get Your Gear

Whatever option you choose, you’ll need to prepare for your national park outing. Make a checklist of everything you need, then head to the garage, attic, or your self storage unit in Costa Mesa, CA, to dig out your gear.

Make sure everything is in good working order to ensure that your family stays warm, dry, and safe. Replace damaged items, and be sure you have plenty of food, water, and the right clothes. Keep in mind that you’ll need at least two gallons of water per person for each day of dispersed, or wild, camping.

Store Your Gear with Total Storage Solutions Today

Whether you go the amenity-free route or choose a designated campground, national parks offer a fun, affordable way to enjoy time with loved ones. First-time campers and seasoned pros alike will need a safe place to store their gear. Find the right self storage unit for your needs at Total Storage Solutions in Costa Mesa, CA. Call or reserve a unit online today!