How to Store Your Winter Clothes

June 8, 2015 in Blog

winter clothes storage

The weather is getting warmer, and that means it’s time to trade your sweaters and jackets for sleeveless shirts and sundresses. If you have limited clothing storage space or a huge wardrobe, you may struggle to find places to store your winter clothing. Removing some of the clutter from your closet can help.

Sun’s Out, Guns Out!

Before storing your winter clothes, go through your closet, and remove items you never wear. If it’s too worn or old, or if you’ll likely never fit into it, donate it and enjoy the tax deduction. You’ll gain more room in your closet, which means more space for great bargains fewer wrinkles in your other clothes. As you weed through your apparel, separate items that can be worn year-round; this will make changing back to your winter wardrobe easier. If you’re making an early transition to your summer wardrobe, be sure to leave a few winter clothes out in case of last-minute cooler temperatures.

Self Storage Units Are Perfect for Seasonal Clothing Storage

Once you separate your winter items, you’ll need a safe place to store them until next year. If you don’t have room inside your home, renting a seasonal storage unit is the perfect solution. Your clothes won’t be forced into a crowded extra closet, and you’ll have access to them anytime you need them. Unlike storing items in your garage, attic or shed, using a climate controlled unit prevents your clothing from being exposed to moisture, mold and insects.

Preparing Your Clothes for Seasonal Storage

To get your clothes ready for storage, start by checking pockets for forgotten items. Next, make sure all clothing is clean and dry. Store your clothes folded neatly in lidded, stackable plastic storage bins. Although hanging them on a laundry cart or valet may be tempting, you’ll maintain the integrity and shape of the fabric better by storing them flat. If it is necessary to hang some items, use quality hangers, and cover the clothing with plastic wrap, or store it in a garment bag.

When Winter Comes Again

When the weather gets cooler, it’s the perfect time to pick up your winter clothes and store your summer ones. To make the transition easier, purchase one extra empty storage tote. As you empty each winter clothing bin and place the clothes back into your closet, fill the empty one with summer attire. When you get to the last bin, your summer clothes will be ready for seasonal storage; just drive them to the storage unit, and say goodbye until next spring.