Planning the Ultimate RV Adventure

July 13, 2015 in Blog


As temperatures climb in Avondale, Arizona and summer energy courses throughout the state, many residents start dreaming of hitting the open road for a little adventure. Get your RV out of self storage in Avondale, Arizona and follow these steps to get started on the ultimate journey.

Step 1: Removing Your RV from Storage

The first step to starting any RV road trip is to get your RV ready for the road. If your ride has been residing in RV storage in Avondale, Arizona since your last adventure, there are several maintenance procedures you’ll need to perform to ensure its road-trip ready. While Avondale doesn’t experience low winter temperatures or winter elements that can damage many parked RVs, the heat of that Arizona sun and sitting for months can still take a toll.

After you remove the tarp from your parked RV, perform the following tasks:

  • Do an exterior check. Look for any noticeable damage around the exterior of the RV. Check everything from the roof to the undercarriage, and look for leaks, tears, cracks, and any other damage that needs repair. Make sure the tires are inflated and in good condition, and the lug nuts are tight.
  • Look under the hood. Make sure that oil and other fluids are full and of good quality. Replace the spark plugs, and make sure the battery still holds a charge. Inspects the brakes, fuel injection systems, belts and hoses.
  • Inspect electronics and working parts. This includes any lighting systems, appliances, air conditioning, water systems. Replace batteries in all clocks, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and the emergency radio.
  • Check the interior. Inspect the interior for signs of damage, including leaks and cracks in the ceiling, signs of pests, and any mold or mildew.

Step 2: Planning Your Trip

While the idea of being spontaneous sounds appealing to those with a home on wheels, it’s very important that you have a plan for your trip. This is especially true for those new to RV road trips. Here are the aspects of your trip that we recommend you plan out:

  • Know how much you plan to spend on food, gas, overnight stays, and fun activities along the way – then bring a little extra in case of emergencies.
  • Figure out how much food you need to bring with you. Think about the duration of your trip, how many people you are traveling with, and the amount of meals in a day. Bring beverages and snacks for the road, too!
  • Choose your ideal route and map how many hours you need to drive between destinations. Pick the campgrounds you’d like to stay at throughout your journey, and any sights you want to stop and see. Also, plan an alternate route in case there happens to be something to throw you off course. A GPS system will also come in handy. HINT: If you get delayed and can’t reach a campground, parking in a Walmart parking lot is a safe bet.

Step 3: Stocking Up on Supplies

Supplies can encompass a variety of belongings, for both you and your RV. Besides making sure you’re geared up for life on the road, you need to be prepared for any emergencies that may occur.

Items you should always have in your RV:

  • Fire extinguisher
  • Tools
  • Spare RV parts, light extra fuses, light bulbs, and nuts.
  • Jumper cables
  • First aid kit
  • Basic medications, like Aspirin and Pepto-Bismol
  • Emergency radio
  • Flare gun
  • Flashlight
  • GPS

Your individual items will depend on the kind of trip you plan to take. Map out your destinations and activities to determine exactly what you’ll need.

Step 4: Take a Test Drive

Think about the route and roads you plan to travel on, and choose some similar terrain in your area to take a test drive. This will help you prepare for the intricacies of driving an RV whether you’re a newbie or haven’t driven one for a while and it will ensure that your RV is road ready after being in self storage for months. Test out switching lanes, driving up and down hills, and parking. Take into account anything that happens during your drive and adjust accordingly, such as drawers or cabinet popping open. Once you’re back in the swing of things, there’s no stopping you on the road!

Going on an RV adventure is a great way to form unforgettable memories with friends and family. After your trip down the dusty trails is done and the RV season has ended, prepare it for storage at Total Storage Solutions in Avondale, Arizona. Don’t forget to follow proper storage prepping so your RV is in prime condition when you’re ready for the road next year!