How to Make Full Use of Your Moving Truck

March 2, 2018 in Blog

A moving truck outside of a Total Storage Solutions facility

Moving is exhausting work. From finding a new home to designating a place for each of your belongings, sometimes it seems like the hard work will never end. Loading and arranging items in your moving truck as efficiently as possible helps make the job a little easier. With storage units in Camarillo, CA and other locations, the Total Storage Solutions team knows a thing or two about simplifying the moving process.

Maximize Space

Reducing the number of trips to your storage unit or your new home saves time and gas. Minimize travel with these tips:

  • Fill voids beneath furniture with boxes
  • Place narrow boxes, pillows, or rolled-up rugs in gaps between items
  • Put picture frames or larger mirrors between standing mattresses
  • Store stuffed animals, sheets, and other lightweight items inside appliances

In addition to saving space, these steps help prevent your belongings from sliding around.

Proper Placement 

Reduce back strain and make your move more efficient using these time-tested moving methods:

  • Place appliances along the wall nearest the truck cab
  • Form a center column of desks and tables with large boxes underneath
  • Put sofas and mattresses on either side
  • Stash remaining large boxes last, filling in gaps with small boxes and random items

Put valuable items or those you’ll need right away in the truck cab with you.

More Moving Tips

Drawers: Remove drawers before placing desks, dressers, and nightstands on the moving truck. After loading, secure doors and drawers with tape or self-adhesive plastic wrap.

Box stacks: Invest in moving boxes, which are designed to withstand stacking and frequent handling. Arrange boxes in tiers measuring two to three feet tall, and secure them with moving straps.

Organization: Label every box with its designated room and all of its contents. Tape moving parts to appliances in sandwich bags with labels or tags in case of separation.

Self storage: A storage unit offers the perfect temporary home for seldom-used or large items while you organize your move. Once you’re settled in, you’ll appreciate having a place for seasonal items, holiday decorations, family heirlooms, and other belongings.

At Total Storage Solutions, we want to make your move more pleasant. We offer secure storage units in a variety of sizes, as well as available moving supplies and a free moving truck rental when you reserve a unit. Contact us today at our facility in Camarillo, CA.