Long-Term Car Storage for Avondale Race Enthusiasts

October 21, 2015 in Blog

Vehicle Storage

Home to the ISM Raceway, Avondale, Arizona is full of racing enthusiasts. The Quicken Loans Race for Heroes 500 is just around the corner – on November 15 – and residents and visitors alike are ready to rev up their engines. But these racing vehicles aren’t always on the track, and when you need a place to keep your vehicle safe, Avondale storage facilities are there to help. Take this car storage advice from Total Storage Solutions, and rest easy knowing your car is safe and sound – and properly stored – in an Avondale storage facility.

Cleanliness is Key

The cleanliness of both the interior and the exterior is important when putting your car into storage. It may seem like an odd practice to clean your car before locking it away, but it prevents any dirt or debris from becoming permanent damage.

  • Interior Cleaning

Start by cleaning out the interior, remove any floor mats for washing, and vacuuming the floor and seats. Wipe down the surfaces with a car cleaner and remove all trash from the vehicle. The cleaner your car goes into storage, the better condition it will be in when you’re ready to drive it again. Also, make sure that the interior is completely dry before locking it up. A clean interior is essential to preventing mildew, mold and invading critters.

  • Exterior Cleaning

Clean off the exterior to prevent any dirt or other debris from causing damage to the paint. Rinse your car first to remove surface-level dirt, and then use specialized car soap and sponge to tackle hard-to-remove items. Don’t forget to clean the wheels too, and underneath the fenders where mud and grease can accumulate. After you’re done washing, dry the car completely and add a layer of wax for extra protection.

Covers Keep it Clean – and Safe

If outside parking is your storage option of choice, then you’ll want to invest in a weatherproof car cover. This cover may be the only defense between your car and the elements, so don’t skimp here. While Avondale doesn’t see much snow or rain, harsh UV rays from that Arizona sunshine can affect the paint on your car. Use a cover to keep your car safe from the elements, and also lock out any critters that want to make your car their home.

Maintaining the Mechanics

While cleanliness is important, taking care of the working mechanics of the car is crucial to ensuring it’s in good working order when it’s time to hit the road again. Follow these steps to maintain the mechanics during storage:

  • Charge it up. There are several ways to maintain the battery charge. Either take the car for a drive every couple weeks, disconnect the negative battery cable, or use a trickle charger to prevent the battery from discharging. You can also remove the battery altogether, which would prevent corrosion.
  • Fill it up. If you’re storing your car for more than a month, fill up the gas tank. This prevents moisture from building in the tank and keeps the seals from drying out. Also, add a fuel stabilizer for added protection; this will keep the gas from deteriorating for up to a year.
  • Change it up. If you’re storing your car for more than a month, get your oil changed or change it yourself. Used engine oil may have contaminants in it that can cause damage while sitting for too long.

Take Care of the Foundation – Your Tires

The car’s tires will be supporting its weight for however long it’s stored. As the car sits in the same position over a period of time, the tires can develop flat spots. This can result in needing to replace the tires when you remove your vehicle from storage. Keep this from happening by taking the car for a drive every couple weeks. If that’s not an option, you can raise the car up on jack stands and remove the wheels altogether.

Say No to Unwelcome Wildlife

Unwelcome critters can sneak their way into a variety of places. While the Arizona heat doesn’t influence them to overwinter in your car, that won’t stop them from trying to get in for other reasons. Lock them out by sealing off possible entrances. Use steel wool to block off the exhaust pipe or air intake, and cover all gaps that a small rodent could sneak through. Make a mothball perimeter around your vehicle; it’s rumored to ward off mice.

Check Arizona’s Insurance and Registration Requirements

Insurance and registration requirements for stationary or stored vehicles can vary from state to state. Check Arizona’s policies or call your insurance provider. We recommend keeping your insurance while your car is stored, since natural disasters can cause damage that regular tenant insurance may not cover. Check with the local DMV as well to find out what kind of registration your vehicle will need while in storage.

Racing may be your passion as an Avondale resident, but your car can use a break every now and then. If you need to park your car in a secure facility for a period of time, find a storage facility near you with the help of Total Storage Solutions. Properly prepare your vehicle for storage, and it’ll be in racing condition the next time you’re ready to hit the tar.