When to Shred and When to Keep Documents

June 15, 2018 in Blog

Riverside, CA is home to many different businesses and residents with documents that are stored away in filing cabinets. Some of the documents are needed for the future, whereas others should be shredded right away to prevent information from falling into the wrong hands. Total Storage Solutions weighs the pros and cons of shredding and how self storage comes in handy whether you want to keep or shred.

The Pros and Cons of Shredding Documents

Pro: It protects against identity theft.

Identity theft affects millions of people not only in the United States but across the world. Shredding your documents protects against thieves who want to steal your identity. They will use your personal information to purchase items, obtain credit cards, and do other harmful things to your credit and reputation.

Con: It’s not always best to do it yourself.

A paper shredder is a cheap investment for shredding documents in your home or business. However, it doesn’t always provide optimal results. You risk having some important information that’s still readable on individual shreds in the waste bin. We provide document shredding services to destroy the papers completely, leaving no information behind for people to steal your identity and harm you financially.

Pro: It saves space in your filing cabinets.

You might not have to keep every paper in your filing cabinet. After a while, documents pile up and take up space in the cabinet or on your desk. Shredding them frees up space and makes room for more important papers. If you want to play it safe, move those documents into one of our storage units before you make any drastic decisions.

Con: The documents are gone for good.

Once you shred a document, you’re not getting it back. Therefore, you need to make backup copies either on paper or digitally. It’s very important to have original files of financial documents for tax purposes. You don’t want to be without those when filing season comes around.

Store or Shred Your Documents with Us

Shredding your documents is sometimes necessary, especially if they contain sensitive information. Whether you decide to shred or to store your documents, any of our four Total Storage Solutions facilities in Riverside, CA can help. We not only provide shredding services but also storage units for the documents that you need to keep.