How to Sort Through Your Family’s Items

August 30, 2019 in Arizona Self Storage


The time after a major life event is already difficult. Whether a relative has passed or a family member must downsize after retirement, going through belongings can be fraught with anxiety. Having a plan can make the process a little less overwhelming. From renting self storage to hiring clean-out professionals, there are many ways of dealing with these challenging family matters. River Crossing Self Storage in Goodyear, AZ, has some tips for how to go through this time period.

Dealing With Estate Paperwork

If your parents didn’t fully organize their estate, you’ll need to handle paperwork as you go. Each time you come across a will-related document, put it in a designated folder, envelope, or file. Sign, date, file, or otherwise process every paper you find to prevent legal issues or disagreements with relatives. These family matters can become complicated very quickly, especially if the executor fails to carry out his or her duties correctly.

Preparing to Downsize

Downsizing can be incredibly stressful, especially for those who have lived in the same home for decades. Help them get past the emotional aspects of a move by assisting with de-cluttering. Get their permission to tackle a room on your own, dividing items into piles for keeping, throwing away, donating, or recycling for their approval. They’ll have an easier time making decisions if someone else physically handles their belongings. Prevent second-guessing by immediately removing items to toss or donate. Self storage provides a place for off-season items or belongings that are bulky but essential.

Hire a Pro

Just as handing off sorting duties makes downsizing easier, hiring someone to clean out a loved one’s belongings after their passing can relieve stress for those left behind. Make arrangements to keep sentimental items before a clean-out crew takes over. They may buy the contents of the home or hold an estate sale. In the latter case, you can choose to oversee certain aspects of the sale or take a hands-off approach. Take comfort in knowing that someone else will enjoy the beautiful, useful, and interesting items your parents accumulated over the years.

Self Storage Can Help

Remove some of the tension that occurs after a major life event with these tips from River Crossing Self Storage in Goodyear, AZ. From simplifying family matters after a death to making your loved ones feel more comfortable with leaving their home behind, an organized approach can help things go more smoothly. If your family lives in the Southwest and needs conveniently located self storage, call us today or rent a unit online.