How to Prepare Your Antiques for Storage

October 14, 2015 in Blog

antique storage

If you’ve ever visited the Torrance Antique Street Faire, you’re sure to have an appreciation for the antiques showcased there. Located in Downtown Torrance, CA, this fair draws residents and vendors the fourth Sunday of every month. And no matter what you’re looking for, you’ll find a one-of-a-kind item that you simply can’t pass up. For Torrance residents with growing antique collections, this event can be a blessing and a curse. For those seeking storage relief from an overwhelming antique collection, Total Storage Solutions is ready to help! Find a Torrance storage facility near you, and use these antique storage tips to keep your collection in top condition!

Important Storage Features for Antiques

Security. Choose a storage facility that has the security features you need to protect your antiques. This includes perimeter fencing, door alarms, surveillance video recording, and 24-hour security monitoring. Also, purchase a secure lock for your unit to thwart any would-be thieves.

Insurance. Even if your items are under lock and key, there’s still a chance that a natural disaster could cause lasting damage. That’s why tenant insurance is so important. We can protect your belongings from intruders, but even we can’t stand up against an earthquake. Tenant insurance protects you and your belongings financially and is affordable.

Climate Control. Another important feature to consider is climate control. Many antiques and vintage items are made from sensitive material that can be damaged by extreme changes in temperature and humidity. To ensure your items stay in top-notch condition, invest in a climate controlled storage unit. The weather in Torrance is relatively moderate, so you may not need to be concerned about extreme temperature fluctuations.

Location. If your collection is a large one, you’ll want to travel as short a distance as possible. Find the storage facility nearest you – with the storage features you require – to minimize the time it takes to move your antiques and/or visit them in the future. Also, try for a storage unit with drive-up access or that is ground level to make your move-in day easy. Just remember, the farther you have to travel, the more likely you are to inflict damage on your items.

Preparing and Packing Antiques for Storage

  1. Gather all your packing supplies:
    • Bubble wrap
    • Packing peanuts
    • Thick blankets or fabric
    • Tape
    • Boxes
    • Cardboard corners
    • Plastic wrap
    • Acid-free paper
    • Ink-free paper
    • “Fragile” labels
  1. Take apart heavy furniture. Taking the furniture apart will make it easier – and safer – to move, and prevent stress and damage to items during storage. Store bolts, screws, and small parts in a labeled container or bag and tape to the larger pieces.
  1. Protect your pieces with proper packing. Use bubble wrap on the tables and chair legs. Use glassine paper to wrap paintings or framed items. After wrapping with clear plastic, support the pieces between cardboard cutouts and packing foam.
  1. Clean your antiques. Metal or wood antiques should also be polished and buffed before storage. Any dirt or dust left on items before storage can cause permanent damage. Polish wood furniture, and use leather conditioner on leather pieces. Spray metal objects with a little oil to protect from rust.
  1. Use professionals when necessary. If you don’t know how a piece should be prepared or packed, contact a professional to do it for you. Have antique clothes and artwork professionally cleaned before storage.

Storing Antiques for Ideal Condition

Packing and preparing antiques for storage in Torrance is half the battle. You also want to make sure that they are stored and organized in such a way that doesn’t result in damage. Follow these storage tips when moving antiques into your unit:

  • Make an inventory of the antiques in your storage unit.
  • Value each item in the event you need to file an insurance claim.
  • Don’t stack furniture.
  • Set mirrors, paintings and frames on their ends, never flat.
  • For lamps, separate the shade from the base, and remove bulbs.
  • Place wooden furniture on top of a drop cloth or furniture pad.
  • Consider having special, heavy, or awkward pieces professionally packed.

Don’t let your favorite antiques take over your home, or become damaged in household storage spaces. After investing your time and money at the Torrance Antique Street Faire, protect your items with the help of nearby self storage. Even get your own pieces appraised at the fair when you’re ready to let them go! Contact Total Storage Solutions today to find the perfect home for your treasures.