3 Ways Self Storage Helps Retirees

August 27, 2015 in Blog

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As the heart of the South Bay area, Torrance, CA is located near a variety of attractions and area beaches. Just a short drive from Los Angeles and Redondo Beach, Torrance is the perfect location for retirees who want to enjoy small town charm within a short distance from big city amenities. Consistently ranked as one of LA’s safest communities, this city is the place to settle down – and with a variety of golf courses, beaches and restaurants to choose from, you’ll never be bored. Making the transition to retirement isn’t always an easy one. Enlist the help of Total Storage Solutions and Instorage – Torrance for the following retiree scenarios, and use self storage in Torrance to your advantage.

Downsizing with Self Storage

Retirement is the perfect time to kick back and relax. Minimizing your household chores by shrinking your household is a common occurrence – plus you’ll decrease your bills as well. But just because you want to downsize doesn’t mean you’re ready to let go of extra belongings. If extra furniture doesn’t have a place in your new home, or seasonal decorations are better kept outside the home, investing in an affordable Torrance storage unit is an ideal solution. Store items with sentimental value – unless you have a place to display them – and family keepsakes, such as children’s trophies. Only create room in your home for items that you use on a daily basis.

Traveling the Country

Take the big trip you’ve always dreamed of with no worry of leaving your belongings unattended. No matter how long you plan to be gone on your extended vacation, packing your valuables into a storage unit for the duration is a great way to keep items protected. Household items aren’t the only belongings that are safer kept in secure storage. Moving your car, motorcycle or boat to a storage unit while you’re out of the country can keep it safer. Our Torrance storage facility is fully fenced, has 24-hour security monitoring and surveillance video recording, and door alarms. Tenant insurance is also available for added protection of your investments.

Making a Big Purchase

Cashing in on your hard work and finally getting to make a dream purchase is a goal for many retirees. Whether it’s a classic car, a big screen TV or a new boat, making room for this purchase is essential to enjoying it. Torrance is located near a variety of beaches, making it the ideal location for residents who enjoy water sports. After making your big boat purchase, you’ll need to find a place to park your boat. Many area self storage facilities have parking spaces available for RVs, boats, and cars.

Self storage can help you in every life stage. From adding a new member to the family to transitioning into retirement, the uses for a storage unit are almost endless. Find a storage unit near you to help you simplify your life, and enjoy a clutter-free retirement. Contact Total Storage Solutions and Instorage – Torrance today to talk to a knowledgeable employee.