When Self Storage is Useful in Life Transitions

June 21, 2019 in Blog


Change can be a good thing. Marriage, job promotions, and growing your family are life transitions that inspire hope and joy. On the other hand, divorce, job loss, or the death of a loved one can cause total upheaval. While you can’t prevent certain events, staying organized during periods of change can help you maintain a sense of control. Total Storage Solutions allows customers in Salt Lake City, UT and other communities to manage their households during both happy and difficult times.

Storage Units for Moving

Moving can throw a wrench into even the best-planned routines. Self storage allows you to minimize the belongings in your household while preparing to move. Stash seldom-used items in a storage unit so you can easily find daily essentials. Going away to school? Keep seasonal clothes and sports gear in storage. Relocating for work? Pack bulky furniture and household clutter away to make your house more attractive to buyers. Moving across town? Keep holiday decorations, collectibles, and other non-essential items at a nearby storage facility to simplify the packing and cleaning processes.

Storage and Growing Households

Whether you’re merging households or expecting a child, limited space can put a damper on exciting life transitions. Clutter and excess furniture can be the source of arguments, so nip conflict in the bud by finding extra space at a nearby storage facility in Salt Lake City, UT. Or, make room for a new family member by getting rid of unwanted junk and putting infrequently used items in storage.

Aging and Off-Site Storage Space

Whether you’re looking for a smaller home after retiring or need to carve out a living space in your home for an aging parent, a storage unit may be the answer. Make the transition to a smaller house – or a more crowded one – easier by placing hobby supplies, important papers, or that vintage clothing collection in self storage. A storage locker can also provide a temporary place for a loved one’s belongings while an estate is settled.

From providing extra space for new family members to keeping a smaller home comfortable and tidy, a storage unit can help with many types of life transitions. Whether you’re experiencing a major life change or simply need a place to store your belongings, contact Total Storage Solutions today. We offer conveniently located storage facilities in Salt Lake City, UT and other communities in the Southwest.