How to Pack a Moving Truck

March 25, 2016 in Blog

Pack the Moving Truck

Spring ushers in more than warmer temperatures and colorful blooms; it also ramps up the home buying season in Palm Desert, CA. During this time of year, employees relocate to new cities, and young couples purchase their first homes. Before you start throwing things in the moving truck, you should learn the importance of packing and securing your valuables. Total Storage Solutions has a few tips to keep in mind when it’s time to pack everything up and move into your new place.

Storage Packing Tips

  1. The heaviest items go in first.

Couches, appliances, and dressers should go in first. In fact, always remember to pack the moving truck from the heaviest items to the lightest. That means heavy items go near the cab-end of the truck, while the lightest go near the entrance to the back of the truck. If you pack the heaviest items near the back, the truck could drag and be more difficult to control.

  1. Pack longer items upright if possible.

You can save space in the moving truck by stacking sofas and tables upright. Set your mattresses, box springs, headboards and other long items against the longest walls of the truck, and secure them in place with cables and straps.

  1. Keep important stuff in the cab.

Keep your toolkit up front with you for easy access. If you have fragile items, such as plates or heirlooms, you can either set them in the passenger seat or have someone hold them until you arrive at your new place.

  1. Label every single box.

Once you’ve filled a box with items, label it with a pen or a marker. Marking the boxes will help you remember what’s inside without having to guess and open every box upon arrival.

  1. Strap everything down for added security.

After you’ve packed the truck, tie everything down with rope, cords or locking straps. Securing all of your items will prevent them from shifting or falling over as you change lanes or make sharp turns.

Take Advantage of Self Storage Units When Moving

Moving to or from Palm Desert, CA is less stressful when you have Total Storage Solutions on your side. When you move your belongings into one of our self storage units, we’ll make it even easier with a free truck rental. You’ll have extra space for your items until you get settled in and a convenient truck to move everything quickly and easily.