How to Utilize Storage Units in Retirement

October 6, 2017 in Blog

an older couple outside, sitting on a blanket, with a computer, ukelele, tea cups, and a bowl of yarn

Retired life – how sweet it is! You’ve devoted years to the workforce, but now it’s time to unwind and to do things that you really enjoy. Whether you’re looking to declutter your house or make room for a personal hobby, self storage comes in handy for simplifying your life. We’re here with a few tips on how to use storage units for those everyday things. That way, you can make the most of your golden years in Lakewood, CA.

5 Ways to Use Storage Units During Retirement

1. Start a new hobby.

Do you enjoy painting? Does having a music room excite you? With a storage unit, you can clear out a spare room and turn it into your personal studio for making art, music, crafts, and other fun things.

2. Pack away those seasonal items.

You don’t need to live with cramped closets year-in and year-out. A storage unit gives you a space away from home to keep your summer or winter clothing. You’ll clear out your closets and have the things that you really need on hand at all times.

3. Take care of spring cleaning early.

Why wait until the spring to clean and declutter your home? When you rent a storage unit, you can start cleaning and decluttering right away. It also gives you a place to store items for later when you want to have a yard sale.

4. Downsize your living space.

If those big, clunky sofas are taking up too much space, store them away, and make room for what you really want. A storage unit is a great place to keep things that you don’t want to sell but also don’t want to have in your home.

5. Have fun and get adventurous.

You’re retired, so it’s time to have fun! If you’ve always wanted a boat but had no room in the driveway, look to boat storage as an alternative. You’ll have a place to keep your boat away from home but nearby when you’re ready to hit the open water.

Discover Self Storage in Lakewood, CA

Paramount Carson RV & Boat Storage has the storage units in Lakewood, CA to make things easier on you in your retirement years. We can help you select the right unit for your needs and to get you started right away with more space for your things. No matter if you’re storing a boat or a summer wardrobe, we’ve got the space when you lack the room at home.