How Often Should You Visit Your Storage Unit

July 12, 2019 in Blog


So, you’ve got a storage unit. Congratulations! Now, you may be wondering about just how often you should visit. After all, it’s your stuff.

As a general rule of thumb, most people only need to pop into their unit once every month or two. However, delicate or expensive items may call for a little more attention, especially if you were unable to rent a climate-controlled unit. Other factors may also determine the frequency of visits to your self storage facility. And, of course, your peace of mind might dictate you come more often. At Total Storage Solutions in Yorba Linda, CA, we’ll welcome you regardless of how often you come.

Choose the Right Facility and Unit

Knowing your belongings are secure can make a big difference when it comes to your comfort level. If possible, select a facility near your home for easy access. Choose a company that offers security features like round-the-clock video surveillance, electronic gate access and site-wide fencing. Some storage facilities even offer on-site management for added security and convenience. Artwork, wine collections, and other fragile items can benefit from the steady temperatures and decreased humidity of climate-controlled units.

Packing Precautions

Proper packing goes a long way towards keeping your household goods or business equipment in good shape. Use sturdy boxes, preferably of similar or equal size. Stack them carefully, placing the smallest boxes on top to prevent your belongings from tumbling to the floor. If you were stuck using irregularly sized or overly recycled boxes when filling your storage unit, occasional check-ins are a smart bet until you can replace those containers.

Weather the Weather

Sometimes, mother nature just doesn’t cooperate. If your unit is located near water, you may hear from the facility after a serious storm. Either way, it’s always a good idea to check on your belongings after a major rainfall or earthquake. Water damage is possible after even a little snow, too.

Stop By and Reserve a Unit Today

Whether you’re storing heirloom jewelry or everyday items like books and clothes, knowing you can trust our facility in Yorba Linda, CA. For self storage at convenient locations, contact Total Storage Solutions. We’ll help you find the right storage unit for your needs to help ensure peace of mind all year round.