How to Remove Dust Bunnies from Your Storage Unit

February 15, 2019 in Blog


Dust bunnies are inevitable when you’re storing lesser-used items, but you can fight them with a little effort. Even the cleanest storage units in Murray, UT will attract dust bunnies over time. It’s up to you to make sure that they don’t multiply out of control. Total Storage Solutions has a few tips to stop dust from attacking your belongings.

3 Ways to Fight Dust Bunnies

Take the Time to Dust Your Stored Items

Dust bunnies are attracted to self storage units because the items go untouched for so long. Before you know it, it’s been six months since you last entered your unit. The dust piles up quickly, but brushing a duster across every surface once you move in will eliminate the problem for the time being.

Clean It Every Time You Visit

You should visit your storage unit as often as possible to clean off the dust and to eliminate any bugs that have invaded the space. Outdoor units are prone to more dust and bugs. You’ll see less dust and fewer bugs if you transfer your belongings to indoor climate-controlled units. As a bonus, they’re often easier to maintain and provide a more insulated area in which to store your belongings.

Protect Your Belongings from Dust Bunnies

You can’t stop dust from happening, but you can protect your belongings from excessive dust buildup. Use a cloth bed sheet to cover your furniture, electronics, and other sensitive items. Just remember to leave a space between the sheet and the floor. Otherwise, you’ll inhibit the airflow and unintentionally cause other problems in your unit, such as moisture damage from excessive humidity – a problem that can occur in outdoor units.

Eliminate Dust Bunnies in Your Storage Units

Don’t let the native dust bunny species in Murray, UT invade your storage unit. Take preventative action such as dusting often, cleaning anytime you can, and covering things that are prone to dust. You’ll not only keep dust out of self storage but will also minimize your allergies in the process. Whether you’re allergic to dust or just hate watching it pile up, a little effort goes a long way in keeping it from taking over your storage unit.