How to Avoid Fatigue During the Big Move

February 2, 2018 in Blog

Moving to San Bernardino, CA? Relocating to another part of the city? No matter your destination, moving isn’t always the most pleasant experience. Whether it’s a long drive, lots of packing, or heavy lifting, it takes some perseverance to get through it all. Total Storage Solutions has some tips and advice to make your next move less exhausting and frustrating.

Reduce Stress When Moving

Plan like you mean it.

Don’t go into a move blindly. Plan ahead at least a month or two in advance if it’s possible. Contact the phone, cable, and utility companies to cancel your accounts or to set up service at your new location. Make sure to update your address with your friends and family, including important contacts such as your bank.

Pack smart.

Get all the boxes or plastic storage bins ready, and place a few in each room. You should also get some sticky notes and a marker ready to label the boxes once they’re packed. Pack everything according to the room, making sure to write the name of the room on the box and at least a few important items that you may need right away.

Get some help.

Moving is a lot easier when you have a few friends by your side. If you don’t have anyone to help you, you can still make moving less exhausting by investing in tools such as dollies, hand carts, and lifts. A moving truck also comes in handy, reducing the need to pack multiple cars or take several trips.

Organize with a purpose.

When you’ve arrived at your destination, don’t start emptying boxes right away. Set the boxes in their respective rooms, and take out only what you need right now. Sometimes putting your belongings in storage units will give you a place in which to sort through everything and prevent unnecessary clutter as you move in.

Use Self Storage for a Stress-Free Move

Planning your move ahead of time will ease your stress and make the experience more tolerable. Total Storage Solutions in San Bernardino, CA has the storage units to help, keeping your belongingsĀ secured in one convenient place until you’re ready to move into your place. Setting up short- or long-term self storage beforehand will give you peace of mind as you prepare for your move.