Tips on Picking the Best Self Storage for You

May 4, 2015 in Blog

A row of closed self storage units

Whether you’re looking for an off-site home for the family boat or find yourself cramped in a small apartment, utilizing self storage is an affordable option that can help you declutter your life. But where to start? If you’re new to the world of self storage, use our self storage tips to get started down the road to organization.

Choosing a facility.

Choosing a storage facility is an important part of your storage journey. Start by researching nearby facilities, and decide what features are important to you and your storage needs. Develop a list of questions to ask each storage facility and schedule time to call each one.

Pick the right unit.

Knowing how much and what you plan to store will help you decide what kind of unit you need. Use a storage calculator if you need help choosing a size, and learn what items need climate controlled storage.

Pack efficiently.

Utilize moving boxes, furniture covers and bubble wrap to keep your items organized and safe. Certain items require special care when stored. Also, pack your unit from back to front, placing belongings your need more access to in the front. Store bulky items along the back and sides of your unit.

Pallets are your friend.

Setting your belongings on pallets allows for circulation of airflow. Additionally, while your storage unit is unlikely to flood, keeping your belongings off the floor will protect them from any unplanned flooding.

Leave a path.

Storing infrequently needed items in the back is a common self storage tip, but remember to leave a path so you can access these belongings when necessary.

Labels and diagrams.

Most people know to label their boxes (we hope), but did you think of drawing a diagram? Make a map or diagram outlining where belongings are located in your storage unit. Hang one in your unit and bring one home, so you know where to find an item when you need it.

Security matters.

When researching storage facilities, security features should be on the top of your question list. However, it’s important to remember that the storage facilities security features are only part of ensuring storage unit safety. Its also important for you to choose a secure lock. Disc locks are a good choice because the padlock is difficult to reach with bolt cutters should a thief decide to break in.

Are you insured and do you need to be?

Many self storage facilities offer tenant insurance, or require it. Look into your chosen storage facility’s policy, and find out if you’re storing any items that you want insured.

Know your lease terms.

Month-to-month leases are by far the most convenient for storage unit tenants. These allow you to store on your own schedule and keep you free from long-term contract. Make sure to know the lease terms before you sign up.

Storage facility perks.

Certain facilities offer more than the usual perks. They may offer a free truck rental with move-in or moving supplies sold on-site. Find out what perks matter the most to you and choose a facility that has all the fringe benefits that you want!

After more than 55 combined year of hands-on self storage experience, Total Storage Solutions has learned a thing or two about storing belongings. When you store with Total Storage Solutions, you’re getting more than just a storage unit. Contact Total Storage Solutions today to find out what we can do to make your storage experience great. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy.