Management Services for Businesses

Management Services for Businesses

Comprehensive management services to improve your market visibility.

Total Storage Solutions is a company with more than 55 combined years of hands-on self storage experience. Our backgrounds and business knowledge have made us experts in the industry, and we understand the requirements necessary to successfully manage self storage websites. With that understanding, we have created turn-key management systems that produce results. Total Storage Solutions is a full-service management company that provides all of the services required to effectively operate your self storage business, such as day-to-day operations, sales, marketing and financial reporting. Our program is straightforward and easy to understand.

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Total Storage Solutions’ services include, but are not limited to:

Day-to-Day Operations

  • Measure operating, systems and controls efficiency
  • Discuss legal considerations and life and safety items
  • Manage customer service
  • Study benefits achieved compared to costs
  • Hire, train, recruit, develop and manage all on-site employees*
  • Develop all personal policies, manuals, and up-to-date employment forms and records
  • Manage all collection activity, auctions, and delinquency follow-up
  • Negotiate, manage and supervise all service and vendor contracts. Approve all billings and costs in accordance with the approved operating budget
  • Direct the maintenance, upkeep and repair of the property, including routine inspections. All owners are informed of any and all maintenance issues
  • Provide insurance policy management, and review coverage and limits of property insurance policies to ensure competitive rates and that all discounts for hiring a professional management company are applied. Review tenant insurance coverage for storage tenants
  • Resolve all tenant complaints, problems or concerns
  • Review all property tax billings and manage any appeals when necessary
  • Manage lien sales and auctions
  • Perform on-site facility audits monthly and oversee inspections

* On-site employees are provided through Total Storage Solutions, a specialized employee leasing firm.

Total Storage Solutions’ services include, but are not limited to:

Customer Service and Sales Focus

  • Develop sales skills and implement successful marketing programs
  • Plan and manage effective, result-oriented incentive programs, morale meetings, and holiday events
  • Host phone shop program for managers and assistant managers quarterly
  • Schedule on-site mystery shoppers periodically to measure quality


  • Maintain up-to-date accounting books and records
  • Manage all banking processes, accounts payable and accounts receivable
  • Reconcile all bank records and credit card processing
  • Maintain all payable records: prepare, record and disburse checks
  • Handle all deposits, returned checks, etc.
  • Track all bank account balances
  • Manage all payroll processes*
  • Maintain all employee payroll records
  • Handle and report all payroll tax deposits and payments
  • Prepare and file all annual 1099 reports, etc.
  • Prepare and handle any accounting and storage facility reports to satisfy lender requirements
  • Maintain all accounting records for up to five years

*Payroll services are provided through Total Storage Solutions, a specialized employee leasing firm.

Reporting Systems

  • Monthly financial statements – This details monthly and year-to-date income and expense statements along with YTD actuals versus budget comparisons
  • Monthly narrative report – This is an up-to-date assessment of matters such as delinquencies, auctions held, staffing concerns, promotional and advertising programs, telephone sourcing, physical plant, and any other pertinent topics
  • Facility reports – These are computer generated reports that offer a complete picture of rent rolls, vacancy factors, delinquency reports, bad check reports and all related statistical reports from field offices
  • Annual Operating Budget – This is prepared and submitted for approval thirty days prior to the year’s end. Budget is revised and negotiated until the owner is completely satisfied

Marketing, Advertising and Promotions

  • Manage all advertising, marketing and promotional efforts in accordance with the approved operating budget
  • Implement a variety of proven advertising and promotional programs
  • Create consistency in advertising and marketing efforts. This helps to build brand awareness and name recognition
  • Provide full-service creative support to assist with everything from new logo design to business card layouts
  • Monitor the market competition and provide pricing and promotional recommendations
  • Analyze the results of pricing and promotional efforts to determine their effectiveness. Utilize this feedback to guide future pricing and promotional decisions
  • Provide full-service website management and Yellow Page directory advertising


With their unparalleled commitment and professionalism, Dianne Tanna and Ray Tuohy have built a company that is strong, grounded and BUILT ON RESULTS!